Registration - Submission of Final Papers

On-line Registration

Please click here to go to the online registration site.
To register on-line you will have to do the following:
  • Go to the above link and carefully follow the instructions
  • Use your Papercept PIN/Password
Important information about conference fees and registration rules (including deadlines, payment options and refunding scheme) is given below (please scroll down and read carefully).

Final Manuscript Submission (CLOSED)

Deadline for submitting final papers was April 20, 2007 (CLOSED).
Please go to the online paper submission site, and Login using your Papercept PIN/Password, to submit your final contribution to ECC'07 (please follow closely the instructions provided by the online submission system).

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only the corresponding author can upload a paper (he/she does not have to be necessarily the same as the registered co-author). The co-author who registers, however, must 'check' the paper to be included and paid as part of his/her registration, when following the procedure to register via the on-line registration system (only then is the corresponding author authorized to, subsequently, log into the online paper submission system and upload the paper).

Paper Style

Information for Manuscript Preparation (preferred paper style, formatting, Latex and Word style files etc.) can be obtained from:

Please note that the paper size for final manuscripts must be set to 'Letter'. Please refer to PDF help in Support pages of the papercept online registration system, on how to set the output to letter. You may consult the following links for detailed information and paper templates:

Latex Support page:
Latex Style files:

MSWord Support page:
Word Template:

EMAIL any inquiries to:

Conference Fees

At least one regular registration for each accepted paper must have been made at the time of submission of the final manuscript, for inclusion of the paper in the technical program and the proceedings. Please follow the instructions of the online registration system to pay the registration fee, and then proceed to submit your final paper. The fee escalation is:

RegularBefore 1 May 2007 (500€)
 After 1 May 2007 (600€)
StudentBefore 1 May 2007 (250€)
 After 1 May 2007 (350€)
Note: With student registration you are not entitled to a paper upload. Retirees can register paying the student fee (without paper uploading).

Multiple papers
In case of multiple papers of the same author, the following rule will be applied:
Fee for the first paper: For the first accepted paper of an author to be included in the technical program and the proceedings, a regular registration fee must be paid at the time of uploading.
Fees for additional papers: Additional papers (up to three) of each fully registered author can be included in the technical program and the proceedings by paying for each paper at the time of uploading 150 Euros.

No VAT will be added to the above values.

Social Events
The social events of the conference (included in both the regular and student fee) will be: (i) a Reception, and (ii) a Banquet.

Touristic activities will be recommended by the Official Agent of the Conference on Individual Request. An accompanying persons program, including a list of excursions, is proposed by the ECC'07 Travel Arrangement Office.

Extra Reception/Banquet Tickets will be available on site at the Registration Desk.
Additional tickets for accompanying persons are also currently available for purchase via the on-line registration system.

Payment Options

  • The normal way of payment is by CREDIT CARD
  • If you are unable to do it this way you can use CHECKS or MONEY ORDERS but an extra 20€ are required to cover administration handling costs.
To pay by CHECK or MONEY ORDER you should first register on-line as described above. When you register indicate which type of payment you are using. The on-line system will generate an e-mail acknowledgement at the time of payment. PRINT the e-mail acknowledgement and MAIL it (registered service) along with your CHECK or MONEY ORDER payable to "ICCS (For ECC'07)" to the ICCS Financial Office at the address:
    Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS)
    Attn: Prof. Spyros Tzafestas, ECC'07 General Chair
    National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)
    9, Heroon Polytechniou
    Zographou Campus 15773
    Athens, Greece
with e-mail to the Conference Secretariat:

Purchase orders, bon de commandes, promissory notes, bank transfers, etc. will not be accepted.

Refunding scheme

The fee refunding scheme is the following:
  • For requests made before 1 May 2007, 80% of the fee paid will be refunded. In this case, if the fee was paid for inclusion of a paper in the program, this paper will be removed from the program.
  • For requests made after 1 May 2007 but before 15 June 2007, 50% of the fee paid will be refunded.
  • There will be no refunds for requests received after 15 June 2007.


EUCA Copyright
The European Union Control Association (EUCA) holds the Copyright of all material presented at a European Control Conference (ECC). Authors will be sent a copyright transfer form on acceptance of their work for the ECC. The European Journal of Control (EJC) reserves the right to consider all high quality conference papers for publication and will inform the authors of its decision as soon as possible. However, if the authors are not contacted within three months after the Conference for a submission to EJC, then the authors will be free to submit the material elsewhere. In this case, the paper must carry a reference to the ECC Conference where it was originally presented. It is understood that acceptance of a paper for ECC does not imply its acceptance for publication in EJC. Authors are encouraged to submit their ECC papers directly to European Journal of Control (EJC). The authors directly submitting to EJC must indicate that the paper has been presented to ECC.
The details of the submission procedure to EJC can be found in: